About Us

Shenzhen Yunfan Power Co., Limited is a company that specializes in the design and production of various types of cooling products, including DC brush-less fans, AC axial fans, blower fans, EC axial fans, metal protection guard grills, and other related products. The company offers AC/DC fan products that come with numerous benefits, making it popular among customers who enjoy close cooperation and maintain good relations. The company has a strong belief in conducting business with authenticity, transparency, and respecting green environmental practices while placing product quality among the company’s top priorities. The company has earned the trust of its partners and stakeholders while establishing an excellent reputation in the market.



Yun-Fan offers reliable and efficient cooling solutions with a range of fans from 60mm to 250mm. These fans are widely used in various industries and are designed to withstand harsh environments with water and dust resistance. We provide professional product services for long-term use, safety, and reliability. Additionally, we offer tailored AC fan solutions to meet your specific cooling needs.


Yun-Fan has been dedicated to the continuous innovation of motor core technology and the invention of micro fans for decades. We provide a full range of DC Fans & Blowers from 60mm to 225mm, creating the most efficient cooling solutions. Our motor fans are known for their excellent performance, offering flexible sizes, energy-saving features, quieter operation, and longer lifespan. 


Electricity Saving

The conversion efficiency of our cooling fans generally about 5%-15% higher than other manufacturers

Better insulation

One body injected insulation case provides better insulation between coil and silicon steel

Stronger impeller structure

All impellers are on body injected or directly welded onto rotor

Better air performance

The performance of our cooling fans can be compared with well-known brands in the world

Motor protection

The best magnet,super thick steel,first level copper wire,keep motor working smoothly under the high speed

Longer lifetime

The coil of our cooling fan motors in made 100% copper wire which bring longer lifetime to our fans,also low noise to our fans.



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