Application of 3D Printer Fan | Cooling Fan in 3D Printer

3D printing technology emerged in the mid-1990s. It operates on a similar principle to regular printing. The printer is equipped with powdered metal or plastic materials that can be bonded together. When connected to a computer, the “printing material” is layered to transform the blueprint on the computer into a physical object.

During the printing process, the extruded printing material needs to be cooled and solidified, and the device generates heat, requiring a cooling system to achieve the desired cooling effect for material formation and device operation. Currently, the most commonly used cooling system in 3D printers is a cooling fan.

In 3D printing, the melted material is heated by the print head and then sprayed onto the model. As the print head temperature reaches the point where the material can be dissolved for normal printing, the temperature continues to rise during continuous printing. To prevent the temperature of the print head from becoming too high and causing other components to melt and burn, a cooling fan is installed to control the temperature of the print head within a certain range. This also prevents the transfer of heat to other areas, softening filament that has not yet reached the print head, and causing blockages.

It is worth noting that the cooling fan for the print head does not start spinning when the 3D printer begins preheating. The fan starts spinning after a certain period of time, and the speed varies at each stage of the printing process. This is because for consumables, failure to cool in a timely manner can easily alter the shape. Rapid cooling of the printed layers is a good method for maintaining accuracy. After printing is complete, the cooling fan spins at a high speed to quickly cool the print head.

3D printers have high requirements for the performance of cooling fans:

  • Good cooling effect, with higher air volume requirements compared to similar products.
  • Long lifespan in an environment of about 60°C.
  • Equipped with PWM speed control function, allowing control of the fan speed by adjusting the duty cycle and changing the pulse width to reduce noise and power consumption.

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