Introduction to Axial Fans | Axial Fans and their Air Supply Forms

This classification method, which categorizes cooling fans based on the direction of air flow in relation to the axis, allows us to classify them into axial fans, centrifugal fans (where air is drawn in along the axis and expelled perpendicular to the axis), cross-flow fans (where both the intake and exhaust are perpendicular to the axis), and mixed-flow fans (where the intake is along the axis, but the exhaust is along the diagonal of the axis).

The air supply forms of axial fans. The most common form is blowing air downwards using axial fans because it is cost-effective and provides good overall performance. In addition, there is a growing trend of reversing the direction of axial fans to create an upward air extraction method.

The difference between the two air supply forms lies in the type of airflow generated. Blowing air creates turbulent flow, resulting in high air pressure but also being susceptible to resistance losses. On the other hand, extracting air creates laminar flow, resulting in lower air pressure but a more stable airflow. Theoretically, turbulent flow has much higher heat transfer efficiency than laminar flow, which is why it has become the mainstream design form. However, in certain heat sink designs (such as closely packed fins), airflow is significantly hindered by the heat sink, and in such cases, extracting air may yield better results.

How can we determine which air supply method to use? Generally, when the heat is relatively evenly distributed and the cooling surface has low air resistance, air extraction cooling is usually used. Conversely, when the heat distribution is uneven, there is high air resistance, or there are many components, blowing air cooling is typically used. In some cases, fans can be connected in series (to increase air pressure), parallel (to increase air volume), or used in combination. Of course, this cannot be generalized. When selecting the appropriate cooling fan for your equipment, you can consult our company. We have more than ten engineers with over 10 years of R&D experience who can assist you in selecting the right cooling fan and provide the most suitable cooling solution.

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